Your Personally Curated Single Origin Chocolate Gift Box by Georgian Chocolate Co.


Taste the flavours of Latin America and West Africa with Georgian Chocolate Co. This gift box has been curated with handcrafted chocolate bars, from Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Haiti and Ghana. These single-origin bars bring a range of flavours that come from each region. These bars feature fruity, spicy, smoky, woody and biscuit notes. Open the box to discover diverse flavours, and experience the taste of great chocolate. Each bar is handcrafted in Severn and is finished in packaging by artists in Central Ontario.

Please chose 4 flavours from the list below:

Venezuela – 72%

A balance of cocoa and woody notes, this chocolate boasts a beautiful red wine flavour. The perfect compliment for the tart Muskoka Cranberries and salty pistachios

Haiti – 65%

Notes of yellow fruit, citrus and mango finished with bitterness. This beautiful dark chocolate is brought to life with the simple toasted coconut.

Ecuateur Roasted Almond & Sea Salt – 76%
Intense and aromatic, this Ecuador origin dark chocolate offers a long-lasting fruity taste and robust bitterness. The delicate nutty flavour of roasted almonds, a splash of sea salt from Newfoundland Sea Salt, and intensity of dark chocolate make this bar a marriage made in chocolate heaven.

Mexique – 66%
A sour initial taste, this chocolate naturally released spicy and woody notes, with some notes of liquorice. This chocolate is the perfect pair for our spicy blend!

Ghana – 40%
A beautiful milk chocolate, creamy smooth with notes of caramel and biscuit. This milk chocolate is the ultimate chocolate for your perfect night in.

100 % of our chocolates are sustainably sourced. Select products directly support the Cocoa Horizons Foundation and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Great chocolate is an art!

Processed on equipment that process soy, milk and nuts.