Our Chocolate

100 % of our chocolates are sustainably sourced. Select products directly support the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.
“A collective commitment that makes a practical difference in improving the lives of farmers, eradicating child labour and bringing us closer each day to our goal of achieving a positive impact on deforestation and our carbon footprint by 2025.”

 Milk & Dark 

Our milk chocolate, is a slightly sweet chocolate with a strong taste of cocoa and milk. This chocolate uses a unique new method of fermentation called the Q-fermentation. The origin of the bean is from the Ivory Coast, mainly Forastero.
Supports Cocoa Horizons, 100% Traceable Beans, Kosher Dairy, Vegetarian

Used for our Hazelnut Praline, Almond & Sea Salt and limited time offer milk chocolates/bars.

Our dark chocolate, is a powerful cocoa flavours with beautiful floral and fruit notes. Origin of the beans is a mix of Latin America and African beans, Arriba and Forastero varieties.

Supports Cocoa Horizons, Kosher

Used in our Salted Toffee and limited time offer dark chocolates/bars.

Single Origin

A sour initial taste, this chocolate naturally released spicy and woody notes, with some notes of liquorice. This chocolate is the perfect pair for our spicy blend!

A balance of cocoa and woody notes, this chocolate boasts a beautiful red wine flavor. The perfect compliment for the tart Muskoka Cranberries and salty pistachios.

Notes of yellow fruit, citrus and mango finished with a bitterness. This beautiful dark chocolate is brought to life with the simple toasted coconut.

Powerful bitterness followed quickly by a long-lasting fruity taste with aromatic woody notes. This Ecuateur dark chocolate is perfect on it’s own or paired with the salty almond.

A beautiful milk chocolate, creamy smooth with notes of caramel and biscuit. This milk chocolate is the ultimate chocolate for your perfect night in.