Shakaya Leone

Shakaya lost her whole world at 16 when her single mom passed away and she suddenly became orphaned and homeless… but instead of losing hope, she vowed in memory of her mom that not only would she survive, but she would thrive! Creativity, Love and Beauty are the lights that has lit Shakaya’s path from tragedy in her teens to fulfilled artist, mentor, wife and mother today.

Shakaya says:

'Every woman is an Earth Empress, or she could be… but so often we feel trapped in the life of a Slavegirl. Life is often painful and difficult but there is also beauty… what do we choose to focus on..? When we focus on beauty we thrive, we are a living magnet for goodness that we get to experience and share.  Surround yourself with beautiful art, flowers, people who feel like sunshine, and everything that brings you joy. Because when you do, you thrive and take everyone higher!' 

Shakaya paints daily and mentors women around the world.