Tea - The Peach 10g

Life is peachy when you're drinking a cup of The Peach! Enjoy the blend of fresh juicy peaches and black tea that have been blended to perfection. We added the exotic flavour of the lychee to takes an old standard to another level. Aside from being delicious, Loosely Tea's The Peach tea is designed to help: Fight the Signs of Skin Aging Increase Metabolism Stimulate Collagen Production Introduce Antioxidants Encourage Healing A cup of The Peach has a smooth, fruity and floral taste. There is a noticeable lychee flavouring at the end of every sip that leaves you wanting more. The flavors mix perfectly to create a refreshing masterpiece with an intoxicating aroma. Enjoy our blend hot or iced. Ingredients: Tea Leaves Rose Petals Peach Lychee Stevia Natural Oil This tea is rated as having a medium level of caffeine. For best results, we recommend steeping The Peach in 180F/82C water for 3 minutes and enjoying immediately.