Luv The Grub - Chai Apple Spread - 148ml


Apples Roasted apples with all your favourite spices from a chai tea. A dollop in your oatmeal and spread it on top of peanut butter toast; your mornings will never be the same! We also love spreading this jam on melted brie and camembert.

It goes well with:
Melted Brie or Camembert Cheese 🧀
Pancakes and Waffles 🥞
On your morning Toast 🍞
Topping for your Oatmeal❤️

Rescued produce in every jar: 1.5

Apple, Sugars (brown sugar, white sugar), Water, Pectin, Coconut oil, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Ground ginger, Citric acid, Star anise, Nutmeg.

May contain: tree nuts