Tea - The Morning 10g

What kind of a tea company doesn't have an English Breakfast tea? Not ours! Our The Morning tea is prepared only with tea leaves from Organic Certified plantations. Aside from being delicious, Loosely Tea's The Morning tea is designed to help: Boost Immunity Help to fight off Colds Aid in the reduction of Cholesterol Improve Digestion A cup of The Morning possesses a robust flavor that is bold and smooth but can also be transformed to sweet and sublime with the addition of milk and sugar. Before tasting the clear, deep amber brew, enjoy the subtle aroma of sun-warmed honey. Our Organic English Breakfast not only gives you all the benefits of a good cup of tea as well as the added assurance of no chemicals being used either in the farms or during the manufacturing process. Ingredients: Assam Region Organic Tea Leaves This tea is rated as having a medium level of caffeine. For best results, we recommend steeping