Lits Hot Sauce - OG Boodoo - 5oz (148mL)

A sauce inspired by and dedicated to late friend Brandon Boodoo, the original brings the heat of Caribbean peppers while staying flavorful and versatile. Although this flavor really pairs well with almost everything, some common pairings include: Jerk Chicken, Patties, Fried Rice, and Noodles.
Ingredients: Hot pepper blend (Scotch Bonnet, Habanero, Jamaican Hot Peppers), Carrot, Red Onion, Garlic, Crushed Tomatoes, Fresh Lime Juice, Sea Salt, Mustard, White Vinegar.
Allergens: Mustard.

The OG can be added as extra flavoring while cooking, or on the side as a dip. 8/10 Spice Level. Enjoy responsibly!